Quest 2015

1996CDA20th October 2015

Teams of leaders set up the camp on the Saturday and were joined by the guides and senior section members on Sunday. They arrived between 10:00 and 15:00 in a carefully orchestrated operation. The rain decided to pay a visit but all arrivals were greeted by smiling happy people. There was a break in the rain when the final sleeping tents were pitched. The rain returned in time for the opening ceremony but did not prevent the parading of unit flags, and the unfurling of the American and Mexican flags, our international guest and the World Flag from the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts. There was a lively atmosphere as campers mingled and new friendships started to be formed.

Throughout the week participants turned their hand to a verity of activities ranging from drumming to crafts to circus skills to water zorbing to canoeing to climbing to the 3G swing to star gazing. Evenings were filled with dancing, a film evening, international entertainment and camp fire singing. Throughout this time there was laughter and smiling faces.

While the participants were having fun a team from each division was there to ensure that they were fed, cared for and generally looked after. Each day ladies from the Trefoil Guild visited camp and buttered 100 loaves of bread and made approximately 1000 sandwiches to ensure that every one was able to have a good lunch to recharge their batteries.

There were a few tears seen as the camp came to an end with a lively carnival atmosphere when sub camps paraded round the field show casing their walking carnival floats. The camp song was sang that one last time but captured for prosperity as it was recorded.

There are so many people to thank that it would impossible to name everyone you all know who you are, here are some of you-the team that planned and pulled it all together, those that made the sandwiches, the staff in the Quest emporium, the security team, those that planned coordinated and ran activities, those that ensured everyone was fed, the first aiders, the people who cleaned the toilets, the school who kindly let us use the grounds and facilities, the people who collected the rubbish, the team that ensured the Hub was staffed between 07:30 and 22:00, the people who captured it on camera and then sat up late each night to produce the next day’s newsletter and in fact everyone who supported the event with their time, energy and commitment. A big heartfelt thanks to you all.

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