Queens Guide Award

1996CDA16th August 2016

Emily Idziaczek a leader with 1st Bodicote Guides was presented with the highest award possible, the Queens Guide Award on Saturday June 11, by Chief Guide Valerie Le Vaillant, in a ceremony at the House of Commons.

To achieve the prestigious award Emily took on a series of personal challenges in areas such as social action, voluntary work and travel.

The challenges have to be completed before the age of 26 and fewer than 150 girl guides are presented with the award each year.

Emily said: “My Queen’s Guide Award has had a huge impact on my life. For one of my challenges I attended a trip to New Zealand with girls I had only met a couple of times before. The confidence I developed and the love I had for the country resulted in me living in New Zealand for the past 15 months and I hope to return in September.”

“My trip to Canada was one of the most adventurous and challenging tasks as the first time I met the rest of the team was at the airport. I did things like white water rafting, rock climbing and worked on forest projects. Even injuring my knee and spending part of the trip on crutches didn’t spoil my enjoyment.”

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