GG0-14A212th June 2017

Guides from across the County met at Jubilee House for their annual challenge competition, Oxygen. Over forty Guides slept over on the Friday night with some opting to sleep in tents while others made shelters to sleep under. They enjoyed a bar-b-que dinner followed by smores and songs around the campfire. On the Saturday they were joined by more Guides all ready for the exciting day ahead. The girls enjoyed designing and making rockets which were then tested to see whose could fly the furthest; they had to light fires and cook camp donuts; design a device to allow them to lift a bucket of water from one side of the ‘bank’ to the other and finally care for an egg ‘mascot’, ensuring a safe return as they worked their way climbing, balancing and weaving through the obstacles on the Adventure Course.  The girls were all judged on their ability to work as a team, their thinking process, and ability to complete the tasks. In the end the winning team was 12th Abingdon Guides. Well done to everyone who took part and challenged themselves and a huge thank you to the leaders who made this event possible!

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