Outdoor Adviser – Chair of Outdoor team: Helen Wynn

  • Oversee the outdoor team and keep regular contact with the advisers, chair the outdoor meetings. This includes the following advisers- Residential, DofE, Pioneering, Climbing, Walking and Water/boating 
  • Organise and run, or appoint a suitable team to organise and run, Oxygen (County patrol competition for Guides)
  • Link in with the training team regarding outdoor related trainings 
  • Answer questions from leaders and commissioners regarding outdoor activities and the requirements.
  • Encourage and support volunteers to complete outdoor qualifications, assist in finding mentors and ensure badges and certificates are issued. 
  • Update volunteers on any changes and promote outdoor events in county, region and nationally.
  • Sit on the JH and campsite property Committee. 
  • Oversee the campstore contents.

Email: outdoorteam@oxfordshiregirlguiding.org.uk

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