My Switzerland Adventure

1996CDA03rd October 2016

22nd-31st July 2016

Wow!! What an experience, I went away on this adventure having only met the others once, however from day one I made friends for life. I overcame so many fears and challenges throughout the week.

Day one, we set off slightly later than planned but despite a few u-turns we made it onto the ferry and to Metz in time for breakfast. We had lunch in Adelboden and got to know each other better.

Day two I set off with the early group, who walked to a high ropes adventure course, since I don’t like heights this was a huge challenge. My swiss ad 1We zip wired across the valley, did a high wire bridge and eventually I jumped off the bridge on an auto belay. We all enjoyed an afternoon at the outdoor pool, enjoying the views of the surrounding mountains.

Day three we went to the woodcarvers and then onto Our Chalet, it was yet another day of stunning views despite the weather forecast suggesting otherwise! I particularly enjoyed watching the woodcarvers work and learning about the history of Our Chalet.My swiss ad 2

On day four some people went off white water rafting, but I decided to go and explore Interlaken by getting the train from Spiez. After all the adventures so far it was lovely to have a slower day and explore a pretty town and enjoy the views from the top of the hotel across the valley.My swiss ad 3

My swiss ad 1 4Day five was a trip to Kandersteg, I loved going up in the cable car and enjoying the views. We then braved the toboggan run – it was very scary, curvy and fast! We ate our lunch by a nearby lake whilst avoiding the nearby cows. After a stop at the World Scout Centre – Kandersteg we went to Blausee, which is an amazingly blue lake.
Day five, this was another coach day, we travelled to the Niesenbahn and travelled up a very steep funicular railway, starting at 693 m we travelled up through the clouds to the viewing platform at 2362 m, where we even got to slide in the children’s park!! The birds were so close and again stunning views amongst the clouds.

The rest of the day was spent at the St Beatus caves, which as a geologist held particular interest to me. We had a very good guide and I loved taking pictures of the amazing formations.My swiss ad 1 5
My swiss ad 1 6Day seven was another day of huge challenges. We walked to the Choleren gorge where we descended by abseil into the gorge. I was terrified and very glad that our leader Moira was very experienced and waiting at the bottom to help us land on the walk way instead of in the water! Before we walked back for lunch I took a few people geocaching with me having collected the coordinate for the final geocache whilst in the gorge.

Our last evening was spent at a local barn for cheese and chocolate fondue, although it involved re-climbing the hill to Our Chalet we all thought it was worth it.My swiss ad 1 7

I really enjoyed the experience and really feel as though I have achieved many personal challenges that I will remember for life. I have also made many new friends whom I am keeping in touch with.

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