Money towards resources for the new programme

GG0-14A210th August 2018

As a County, we have been given a grant from Girlguiding Anglia Region, to help implement the new programme.

We intend to distribute this as grants to units to help towards the purchase of resources for the new programme.  This will be facilitated by local depots, who will be informed how much the grant is for each unit.  You place an order with the depot, and they will deduct the value of your grant, and charge you any remainder.

The value will be £1 per head – based on the last census.  You will (very soon) be told the value of the grant and which depot to order from.  This information will come out as soon as possible – we’re working on it!!  Still waiting to hear back from a couple of depots that they are happy to help, and then we’ll work out the grant values and let you all know.

Funds not spent by 31st August 2019 will have to be returned to Girlguiding Anglia Region Office, so make sure you make use of it while you can.


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