May 2020 Camp Challenge

Join us in the Girlguiding Oxfordshire May 2020 Camp Challenge!


The challenge pack can be found here:    GGOX May 2020 Camp Challenge Info Pack

There are still a limited number of badges available for this challenge!









Who can take part?       All members of Girlguiding

When is it?       Although it is the May 2020 Camp Challenge, you can still take part on a night of your choosing.

What do I need to do?      Download the challenge pack above which contains all the details of activities to complete the challenge!


There are 6 parts to the challenge:

  1. To spend the night in a den in your house, or a tent or bivouac in your garden .
  2. Take part in at least two activities. Your family can join you.
  3. Help make your evening meal.
  4. Take part in a virtual campfire
  5. Enjoy a hot chocolate and marshmallows before heading to bed.
  6. Make breakfast and pack away


How do I complete the challenge?

Once you have finished your challenge, return your completed order form (found in the back of the challenge pack).

The challenge badge costs £2 and you will receive a limited-edition badge that will be designed from the winner of the competition. These will be available as soon as we are able to produce and distribute them.


I’m not from Girlguiding Oxfordshire, can I take part?

Other regions are welcome to take part in the challenge.


Any questions please email: