Leadership qualification and mentor information

Volunteers who would like to do their Leadership qualification should get in touch with their District Commissioner.

The Commissioner will complete the LQ  form (found in the Members area of the website, under Resources).  You will be allocated a mentor who will guide you through the process, meeting with you regularly and supporting you in your learning development


More information about the Leadership qualification can be found here

On starting the Leadership qualification the leader in training is assigned a mentor.  The mentor and leader in training sign a Mentoring agreement, which states they will have regular communication and meetings to focus on the leader in training’s learning and development needs.  The agreement between the leader-in-training and the mentor is here

The mentors handbook is here

Link here to the updated part of the LQ, so you don’t have to access the out-of-print “The Guiding handbook” – there are other resources on the website to read instead.