Headington and Barton Brownies solve a mystery

GG0-14A220th June 2018

Headington and Barton Brownies trampolining and murder mystery trip

On Saturday, 29 Brownies from Headington and Barton units had the opportunity to go on an exciting trip to Jump In trampoline park, followed by solving a murder mystery on a trail around Warwick.










Girls bounced and jumped and climbed their way around the trampoline park for a whole hour before lunch. Many learnt new tricks, tested their balance and competed for the highest bounce, all having a great time.

Surprisingly, there was still plenty of energy left to solve ‘who dun it’ by following over 20 clues on a walk around the pretty centre of Warwick. For interested leaders, loads of fun trails all over the country and suitable for all ages can be found here.








Some clues were more puzzling than others, but the girls worked excellently in small groups to find their way around, looking high and low for the next clue and thinking outside the box too. Plenty was learnt about the history of Warwick on the way round too.

In true Brownie style, the girls showed off their excellent behaviour throughout the whole trip and impressed many members of the public with their conduct!










After running off the final reserves of their energy in the park, it was all too soon time to hop back on the bus back to Oxford. It was definitely a much quieter journey on the way home!


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