The Guiding Star Award 1st Hanney Brownies

1996CDA06th December 2015

It has been wonderful having Mikayla in the pack as she has limited sight due to her illness and the rest of the girls have embraced her disability and adapted games etc to make her an active member of the pack. The brownies raised money by doing a bag pack in the local Coop and and the… walk for life . Mikayla also wanted to help other children with cancer and give them and their family treats so Team Mikayla was born and became a registered charity in December 2014 and it has provide a variety of treats or family days out up to the value of £500 for children who are treated on the Kamrans ward at John Radcliffe hospital in Oxford.

It has been an honour having this young lady in our pack who is living up to the spirit of guiding in thinking of others and doing a good turn!

Well Done Mikayla

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