This is a team challenge which takes place at Bubbs Hill, Deer Park, Cowley. It is an opportunity for Guides , Senior Section and their leaders to experience a large scale event, make friends from around the county and to camp overnight.

Starting on Saturday June 23rd, arrival times are staggered between 10am –12noon; and finishing on Sunday June 24th after the awards and closing ceremony, again departure times will be staggered between 10.30am-12noon. After the official opening the challenge will begin at 3.00pm and finish at 9.00pm, with a warming hot chocolate to end the day.

The challenge itself takes the teams around Deer Park and Bubbs Hill where they will take part in various challenges. Points will be awarded from completion of the tasks and good teamwork. Each team is also asked to bring their own ‘pet’ mallet which also likes to take part in the challenges!

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