Duke of Edinburgh Award – You Can Do It!

GG0-14A205th June 2020

Are you currently doing your Duke of Edinburgh (DofE) Award? If so read here for important news from DofE.                                  


Note to all those girls doing their Duke of Edinburgh (DofE) Award, either through Girlguiding, School or other means. In particular this message is directed to leaders who have girls doing their voluntary section with their unit.


This year (as a one off), DofE are issuing an accreditation certificate for all those who have completed their 3 sections (Voluntary, Physical and Skill) by 31st December 2020. This will allow them to go onto the next level, without having to do the extra time that a direct entrant has to do. (Expeditions will be sorted out in due course!) We also understand that it is not easy to do the volunteering section with the unit, during lockdown, unless you are doing online sessions. However, the young person could draw up a resource booklet for the unit to use after Lockdown. A nice front cover, including Covid-19 and the date would be good, as this will definitely go down in history! I would suggest researching games, songs, craft, activities, readings, prayers, quotes, jokes etc. This could be done on the computer or by hand and then made into a booklet once finished to present to the unit. I would also encourage the girls to keep a diary note of what they are doing and when and for how long, which will support their activity for when the assessor signs off their section, as they have to do at least 1 hour per week.

If you want to find out more, please check out: www.dofe.org/dofewithadifference/achievement-for-all

Please email me if you have any questions re DofE, even if the girls are not registered with Girlguiding Oxfordshire: swerevalleydc@gmail.com


Julie Wood

DofE Co-ordinator Oxfordshire Girlguiding


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