Our amazing and magical ‘Harry Potter’ themed pack holiday

GG0-14A227th November 2016

We were all so excited when we got dropped off at Jubilee House (or should I say Platform 9 ¾!). First we put our bags down and all lined up by the door to go through the brick wall (it wasn’t really a brick wall it was a curtain but it really looked like a brick wall). We all went through it and we ended up at Hogwarts! It was great fun, we were all so impressed and thought it was really funny. On the ceiling there were some candles and letters hanging, it was so cool. A couple of minutes later it was time to get sorted into our houses by the sorting hat, the hat actually spoke, the houses were originally from Harry Potter which was Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Slytherin and last but not least, Ravenclaw. After that we went outside and made some chocolate train lollipops which were very tasty. We got to eat them after our Pack Holiday at home in our party bags. We all made our beds up and got in our PJ’s. It was fantastic all being in the same room to sleep, but a bit noisy!!!

On Saturday morning after breakfast we did our lessons which was planting herbs (Herbology), making chocolate witch hats (Cooking), and finally making bath bombs (Potions). It was very enjoyable. After a while we made a golden snitch out of a ball and some feathers and to make it gold – some golden paint. We played some games before preparing for…the glorious Hogwarts Feast! We all helped to cook and it tasted delicious!

After dinner, we had a wonderful surprise! A visit from Millets Falconry Centre. We got the opportunity to handle the owls. They were flying around the room and one landed on a picture frame and made it wobble! At the end of the evening, we had our bedtime drink and snack and went to bed. We all slept well!

On Sunday after breakfast we played Quidditch, did the obstacle course and made a wand. Then it was time for our parents to collect us. We were so sad to leave. Our amazing pack holiday was finished. It seemed so short as we had such a wonderful time!

by Sophia Bliss (3rd Chinnor Brownies)

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