Beanwood is a secluded and beautiful place, part of the Wytham Estate. This is a green field site ideal for evening and day activities. The site includes an old gamekeepers cottage called Beanwood, sadly no longer fit to be used as accommodation. Access to the site is through Wytham Woods. It is quite a long walk from the car park to the site and trolleys are recommended for carrying equipment, water etc. to the site. There is no running water or flush toilets.

The site is perfect for evening sessions at any time of year and many groups enjoy day or afternoon sessions. It is a ‘magical’ place but not for the faint hearted!

The whole site is owned by Oxford University and managed by the University in conjuction with Hillend Outdoor Centre, Farmoor, OX29 NJ which accommodates school and youth groups who use it throughout the year. All booking must be made through:

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