1st Southmoor Guides Come Face to Face with Reptiles.

1996CDA16th August 2016

On Weds 8 June 2016 we had a visit from Steve at Lenny’s Lizards in Wantage. Steve brought along some of the rescues from his snake collection to show us. First of all we learned a bit more about snakes, how they hunt, eat and digest their food. Along with where they live and their behaviour around humans and other animals. Steve then introduced us to two Corn Snakes, which the girls held and wore around their necks. Next Steve got out a Royal Python who had been rescued after suffering burns to his skin and Steve showed his how the snake was healing, thanks to Steve’s care. We then met a Boa Constrictor, who was 6 feet long and we all touched the snake to feel how strong it was. The largest snake we met was an Albino Burmese Python (Bubbles) who was 9 foot long and to show the girls how big it really was, Steve laid him out over 8 Guides legs. The girls were all really apprehensive at the start of the evening, and it was wonderful to see them grow in confidence around the snakes and all take an interest wanting to touch, hold and wear them by the end of the evening. Just proves that Guides can do anything.

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